Phonics and Reading with McGuffey


Ignite a lifetime of adventure in literature!

Ready for the most powerful reading lessons of all time – right in your living room? Great! Because the learning material that has taught over 10 million children the joy of reading is now available in an easy-to-use app format! Introducing the Phonics and Reading with McGuffey App!

This app brings the most successful educational textbook in history to life right in the hands of your student. This app is flexible enough to meet the needs of a wide range of reading levels, including:

  • Adult learners
  • Homeschoolers
  • Dyslexic readers
  • ESL students

All 52 lessons contain the proven step-by-step material your student needs to develop to the first grade reading level – guaranteed. For over a century, this material has worked again and again for students of all levels, backgrounds, and abilities. Now the material has been revamped for the modern era, made simpler and easier to access than ever before. Your student can progress to the first grade reading level no matter what his or her circumstances may be.

  • The Phonics and Reading with McGuffey App is carefully crafted to:
  • Ensure no expert phonics supervisor is needed for students to gain maximum value from the lessons
  • Work for any literacy level
  • Act as your own personalized tutor, except in a computer
  • Let students set their own pace, repeating or slowing down lessons as much as they like
  • Guide your student step-by-step through reading and spelling practice
  • Provide multi-sense learning including sound, vision, and motion to appeal to a wide variety of learning styles
  • Utilize the power of synthetic phonics – the dyslexia-busting learning technique
  • Be simple and easy to use for students at any level

primerV2The app is built from the source material of the most successful education textbook of all time, McGuffey’s Eclectic Primer Revised Edition, which has taught tens of millions of students the joy of reading.

Billionaire Jim Rogers uses it to educate his own children, saying, “The generations which made America rich and great all grew up reading the McGuffey’s readers.” A big part of the problem with adult illiteracy is simple embarrassment. It’s hard for students to gain momentum, because they already feel so far behind. This app gives older as well as younger students the freedom and self-direction to learn at their own pace, even without supervision.

This independence helps to develop a snowball of self-confidence, which pushes their learning forward at an ever-faster pace. Now that the lite version can be upgraded to the full version’s capabilities, you may want to try it out first. If you are a bulk buyer of educational software, this edition of Phonics and Reading with McGuffey is the one you will want.

This app includes:

  • All 52 McGuffey Primer lessons
  • All 44 letter sounds of English and their graphemes
  • 60+ letter sound animations
  • 400+ practice word vocabulary
  • 9000+ nonsense word audio dictionary

Not to mention, there is the joy of watching your student finally master the art of reading and begin enjoying a richer life as a result! Go ahead and download your copy of the app now – you can have a personal expert reading tutor installed on your computer in a matter of minutes.

New in Version 1.4:

  • iOS 6 compatibility update
  • 10x faster loading time
  • improved text rendering quality
  • animated letters in words
  • new integrated help file
  • support email links in app
  • iPad 3 Retina Display enabled
  • The lengthy phonics rules can be individually ignored via a simple interface to control their announcement. As the rule is played a small message shows at the bottom of the screen indicating that the user can skip the current rule announcement.
  • Added 3 new graphemes and animations
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements
  • Link to the free McGuffey’s Primer in Color pdf book file in the help tab in the help and support section on the front screen
  • Progress during the phonics drill screen easier to see
  • New phonics drill sounds and reward phrases. Sounds can be reverted to the previous version if desired.
  • Monochrome mode for letter highlighter. You can select what color to use with an easy to use color selector.

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