About Phonics and Reading with McGuffey




Phonics and Reading with McGuffey is nearly 10 years old. It was inevitable that it would be removed from the app stores due to the final update being too old. That was back in 2015. Old apps are constantly being removed from the app stores whether they work or not. Because of this I made the app free for all back at the start of the pandemic. It has always had a free version but it was limited. At least it never had ads. I had many offers to sell the app but never did because I wished to protect my users for mal-intented developers. Between the various distribution formats of the app, more than a million users have been reached. High quality was maintained for years by reading user reviews and correcting issues. 


Phonics and Reading with McGuffey was built with an obsolete app builder called Adobe AIR which is now defunct. I do not have the resources or time to rebuild the app for a newer, native, toolkit like the iOS SDK. 


If you, or someone you know would like to take up the cause of offering a free reading program with a history of excellence, please call me at 1 (740) 396-5922 (or email me at scott@literacysoft.com). I could develop the app with funding and leave it up to an honest non-profit corporation to take it up for distribution. But I would need financial assistance to do it. The development would take a full year. I would need a new Mac M1 computer for iOS distribution which I cannot afford. And I would need a full time salary commitment to justify the time and energy to do it. I may also need new media materials to modernize the look and feel and some of these assets I cannot afford to purchase.


I cannot forsake the meaning of the original texts of the McGuffey reader which has emphasis on not only learning, but also goodness as well.


With a partnership in hand we could reach millions of struggling people having difficulty learning the basics of literacy. Rebuilding the app in Unity3D would make it even more engaging than before.